We offer excellent field services, where our service specialists come to your plant to provide assistance. The depth and experience of our field service specialists is unmatched. This experience is backed by the full knowledge and technical support that only the equipment manufacturer can provide. Our ND service technicians are engineers, electricians, and mechanical experts – all competences to ensure a high quality service on your equipment. Given the increasing complexity and developments of modern machinery and technology, it is reassuring for our customers to know that our specialists are trained and kept up-to-dateabout the equipment on a regular basis.

Our after- sale engineer team provide remote and local training service.

All of machines will be adjusted before it is delivered, user manual and video was included. And support free training course in our factory. 


ND remote training service as follow: 
1.Suport 20 hours -7 days technical support by call or email.(Please provide your order number)
2.Support remote text instruction via Skype,whatsapp,wechat,viber etc
3.Support remote video instruction via Skype,whatsapp,wechat,viber etc    


ND local training service as follow: 
Support machine installation and training in your site, include engineer service daily schedule
Commitment to produce qualified product
Support operation & maintenance manual
Support technicians employed in your local site


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