Laminating Machine
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1. The power of the whole machine is 1400W, including 750W vacuum pump, and the power line is connected with 2.5m2;

2. The control panel instruments at the front end of the machine include touch screen, power switch, forming lifting air pressure gauge and pressure regulating valve, forming lowering speed throttle valve, temperature controller, pressure sensor, etc;

3. Working process of machine automatic screen

1) Reset (the molding rises in place, the upper mold seat rises in place, and the lower mold seat retreats in place) → start;

2) Manual film sticking process: place the film and glass through the fixture;

3) Automatic operation of the machine: the lower mold base moves forward to the right place → the upper mold base lowers to the right place → vacuumizing time → the molding lowers to the right place (vacuumizing continues) → the lamination between the diaphragm and the glass is completed (vacuumizing continues) → the upper mold base enters the air to break the vacuum → the molding rises to the right place → the upper mold base rises to the right place → the lower mold base retreats → the laminating diaphragm is taken out;

4) Remove the diaphragm by hand.