Ceramic Glass Screen Protector Machine Cleaning Machine
Application Clean the workpiece oil, dust, debris, impurities, etc.
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Ceramic Glass Screen Protector Machine Cleaning Machine for 9H Anti Broken Ceramic Matte Screen Protector Film Cover Protector

Product Description


Clean the workpiece oil, dust, debris, impurities, etc.



1. The automatic flat steel brush cleaning machine adopts a horizontal bedroom structure, which can clean hot-rolled plate workpieces with a width of less than 1000mm.

2. It adopts special rolling steel brush for double-sided cleaning, strong water-absorbing cotton stick for dehydration, air cutting device, cleaning and dehydrating air cutting in one step.

3. Eliminate moisture on the surface of the workpiece, and realize that the steel plate after washing is not clean and water drop.

4. Workpieces with a thickness of 0.2mm-6mm can be cleaned arbitrarily. The machine is stable in performance, durable, easy to operate, and free to push. The machine body is equipped with 3 independent water tanks. The circulating water filtration system can save a lot of water and discharge. The environment causes harm.

4. Achieve rough washing, fine washing, rinsing, and three-level cleaning to make the work piece oily, dust, impurities, grit, and flux clean, smooth and beautiful, improve product texture, high efficiency, and save labor.


Technical Parameters



The size of the cleaned workpiece

Max. 1000mm / Min. 80mm

Thickness of the cleaned workpiece


Effective width


Table height


Working speed


Total power



380v 50hz

Equipment dimensions


Cleaning Machine.jpg

For moble screen ceramic film protector production line need a whole production line, the flow chart as follow: 

Ceramic Screen Protector.jpg

Our Services


1.12months guarantee of the whole machine,we will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement .

2.English manual and CD video for machine using and maintaining will be sent to  you with the machine  

   a.Hardware :1year on all parts and labor.
   b.Software:Whole life on update for free.
   c.Maintenance and technology support:whole life.

3.Our engineer could provid service 24 hours online by Skype,YAHOO,MSN,QQ,WEIXIN,or cellphone, on weekend even on vacation

4.Our engineer could support you technology to your country if necessary.


Our engineer supplied technology support in our customers' factory.

Training service.jpg



We also include extra service such as, 

1, Produce qualified product to the end.(raw materials purchase from us or recommended suppliers)

2, Free machine spare parts

3, Factory layout and interior drawing, electrocircuit drawing, water drawing, vacuum and air drawing.(include dust clean room)

4, Containers layout drawing.

5, Engineers installation&training at site and daily schedule; After training still have engineers employed in India who can provide service at site soon.

6, Factory spare part list.(start production as soon as possible)

7, Labor operation manual.(rationalize to whole line machines different process)

Packaging & Shipping


The machine is firstly packed with plastic sheet for cleaning and damp proofing.

Machine is then put into wooden case for safety and to avoid clashing.

Lastly, machine is transported in the wooden case into the container.



Company Information


ND Group is located in Shanghai with the headquarters and R&D department, show room in shenzhen city and two plants in Jinan city.

It is an innovative company that has been well recognised for integrating the excellent design,production and CNC service, specialty engaged in the high precision CNC machine,Granite Mechanical Components and marketing up to 15 years. 


With a professional team of more than 100 people, 2 product R&D departments, 10 sales departments,we have grown internationally as we currently provide Machinery and service exported to Europe, America, Australia,Europe, Asia, Africa and other continent countries. 


We provide a package solution with one-stop service, such as metal/tempered phone glass/tempered panel glass processing.

ND team aims to help you achieve your dreams by providing you with the best service and high quality machinery.


Our Factory:

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Customer plant show

 We have customer in India Vietnam Egypt Russia Ukarine etc, some of our customer plant as follow:

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